Monday, May 23, 2011

I am grateful for my assignment to labor in the Goldsboro 2nd ward.
We have seen many miracles in the few days I have been here and we know the Lord has many more in store and we continue to be diligent and to follow the spirit! We have had a great week being out among the people, extending invitation and seeking the honest in heart and sincere seekers of truth.
We had a confirmation this Sunday of Sister Clara; she is 96 years old and has such a sweet spirit about her. We were able to teach her this week, she lives in a nursing home, and asking her what she felt like the companionship of the Holy Ghost could help her with, and she made the comment to, comfort her when she is lonely. Just a wonderful lady. The Lord calls his labors at different times and whether they we are 8 or 96 his blessings are the same! Bro. Jorge is from Panama, he has been taught by the missionaries since March. He has a hard time remembering things. He said it is because he jumped out of so many planes and landed on his head and has water in his brain. He is just such a sweet and sincere man. He has never been invited to be baptized and we had two lessons with him this week. They were really great, we taught in a way that involved him and we asked inspired questions; he retained a lot of it. He came to church with us this Sunday and after Gospel Principles he turned to me and said I don't feel like when I was baptized as an infant in the Catholic Church that it was right and I want to be a part of this. I told Jorge in the most respectful way possible it wasn't right. You can be baptized the way God sees fit and by his authority and through that you can be a part of this. Then felt prompted to extend the baptismal invitation and did and he accepted for June 11 and said he wants us to pray and help him to do all he can to help his wife and daughter be ready to be baptized on that day too. His wife gets back from California this Saturday and we are teaching his daughter on Tuesday. Last night our appointment fell through, the High Priest Group leader who was our exchange asked if we would go home teaching with him, we had some really good back up plans made but we are trying really hard to earn the trust of the ward and took advantage of this moment of being out with a member of the ward council. We went to his families and this one family we visited, the Sister is active and the brother isn't. We invited the brother to church and he committed to us then we asked them if they would invite a non member friend to hear the lessons in their home. The brother quickly said no. We sat in silence and the Bro we were on exchange with wrapped it up. While walking out, the Sister ran up and said Elder I was hoping you would ask me for a referral I didn't want to give it to you but I know I needed to it is my daughter in-law. But I never knew I could invite her to receive the lessons; will you pray for me and her this week and I will invite her and my son over and we can have a lesson here! It was incredible; she wanted to do missionary work. That reconfirms to me what Preach my Gospel, and Elder Scott said members will do missionary work they just don't know how. So myself and Elder Yankton have a quest to meet with as many ward members and let them know how! We had the same experience with another sister who we had dinner with; who is going to invite another part member family for dessert, who she works with the Sister who is the non-member to hear the lessons in her home, she said we are definitely invited for the lesson but if we are lucky dessert too! She is so excited to invite her and then to help prepare her friend Hannah where she feels comfortable to extend that same invitation! My companion is Elder Dakotah Neal Yankton from Reno, Nevada. He is a convert to the church and has a great testimony of the Restored Gospel and an even greater Love for the Lord. He is a large man, he can scare away big dogs and nobody will ever mess with us. He shared with me about himself and has a rough back ground with adoption and family issues but they have only made him stronger he has endured some things that I know I could not endure. We live with the Jacksons they have a Mansion and a mother in-law suite on the side of it. It has a huge pool and Sis Jackson brings over food all the time. They are such nice people. I love the Lord and I am Grateful for his Atonement and pray that the knowledge I have, and the blessings I have received from it that I may use and share those things to bless others as I have been blessed! I love you guys and hope you are having a great week!


Elder Taylor Petersen

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