Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Things have been going great in Fort Bragg and Morganton YSA, we have
had a lot of time to work closely with our Bishop and Branch President
in both units. Bro. Burbank, is now Bishop Burbank. We are so excited,
we called him to tell him we love him and sustain him and want to help
him in any way possible. He told us that he felt as he was extended
this calling he had a sense of urgency from the spirit for Missionary Work in
the Fort Bragg Ward. We have a baptism with a great Sister; Poliana, she is from Brazil and her husband is a member and a returned
missionary. She is really nervous but is so pure in heart and will
make a wonderful member of the church.

Elder Smarts' companionship and myself has improved incredibly. We
really have come together and compliment each others strengths and we
feel we are doing great things in the Fayetteville West Zone. We know our
zones weaknesses and we have a plan of action to fix them. We work
really closely with our District Leaders and we are blessed with 3 of
the Best.

I was able to go on an exchange with Elder Naylor this past Tuesday,
we came to Fort Bragg. He is great missionary, he does all that he can
to make sure he is lead by the spirit in all things. I also went on an
exchange with Elder Dealba on Thursday in Rockingham. We had a great
time and were able to set a baptismal date and invite 5 others to be
baptized. He has changed and grown alot since I was with him in
Smithfield. He is very bold, but with so much love it doesn't feel
bold. He invites members to aid in the work in such a powerful way as
well; the members love him and Elder Thatcher and know they are both
great missionaries.

I had a wonderful experience with Elder Richard G. Scott; we had
extended the invitation to our zone to invite everyone they come in
contact with to be baptized. We are grateful for the caution we
received from Elder Scott to not be Mechanical and that the spirit has
to be right to do so. We haven't abandoned the thought of inviting all
we come in contact with to be baptized; we are still full steam ahead
with it. We just felt that our Zone will have to be a little more
obedient to have the spirit with them to build our faith collectively
to act on the promptings we receive and to always be seeking to ask
inspired questions so that the a non-members may feel of the spirit of
the Lord as they ponder the question.

The work is Great!! Mom and Dad I love it and are seeing great fruits of
our labors, We know and have confidence that if we continue to do what
we are doing, have the courage to change for the better, and always
seek to follow the spirit and act on its promptings, that the
Fayetteville West Zone will have 15 baptisms in May.

I felt like I gained a new sense of understanding for the meaning of
concentrate. With Elder Scott’s comment when asked the question "What
motivates you to be 100% all the time?" He said, "My mistakes, because
of the heartache I feel for letting down Father and the Savior. I
want to show them how grateful I am for the testimony I have." I hate
to admit it but I had that same fear I guess, with My Bishop and Stake
President and Mom and Dad and my Girlfriend and President Cotterell
and my companion and previous companions I just didn't want to let
anyone down. These last few days I have felt a greater commitment within
myself to concentrate my efforts, I felt so much more peaceful and
calm and pure when things don't turn out as I planned and I have
gained great trust in Father and the Savior. I love this work and
enjoy it whole-heartedly. I am doing all I can to not let my Father and
the Savior down.

I love you guys so much, especially you Mom, on this mothers day. I am
so grateful for the Women in my life, Grandma Pete and Grandma Ginny
and Great Grandma Zelda, my aunts, Kelsi and Jaylene, McKenzie and
Sophie but especially you Mom. As we were with Elder Richard G. Scott
he talked so much about marriage and as a returned missionary it
should be our top priority and nothing should happen until we are
sealed in the Temple, because we won't be as successful as we could be
if we had a companion to support us in what we hope to achieve. I am
grateful for that example I had, of that, my whole life as you Mom
helped Dad become the stud he is, or probably didn't just help but
could be credited and the reason why he is what he is. The Bishop in
Fort Bragg, when released, bore his testimony and talked about his wife
and said she had done more for his salvation, save it be Jesus Christ
and Joseph Smith. I love you Mom, seriously you got me here! I have
felt myself grow because of where I have been the past year and half
of my life! I love you Mom!!! Happy Mothers day!

Love and Respect,

Elder Taylor Petersen

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