Tuesday, September 28, 2010

(This email is dated Wednesday September 22, 2010 because he went to the temple on his normal P-Day, so he had to wait till Wednesday to email us.)

we went to the intermural fields and played a pick up game of soccer! I am terrible but I love that sport and it has gotten so much fun to play while on my mission! Some of the guys we were playing with were way good and super intense. I got my email from Kelsi and she talked about BYU-I and how the spirit is so strong there. And that they rely on it to teach us the truth. And they pray and the spirit bore a super strong witness to me that BYU-I is where I need to attend! Like Savannah, Chayden and alot of people attended there and nobody told me that it was like the Book of Mormon and your text book! So cool, I must be a part of that! So we were waiting to go to dinner with some ward members and this kid came up and said are you all from Utah and I was like no, I am from a better place, IDAHO. Just kidding, I was like no but Elder Miller is and the guy said, I went to BYU for a year to learn English and it was super cool and he met with missionaries in Korea and we are teaching him this FRIDAY! I'd like to dedicate this line to COACH OWENS, "EXPECT to BAPTIZE, PREPARE to BAPTIZE, BELIEVE you'll BAPTIZE and that is how miracles are WROUGHT!

In my study today I was reading in 1 Nephi 13 and it gives a perfect description of why we need the Book of Mormon, and then you turn to 2 Nephi 29 8-10 and it gives a perfect description of why we need the Book of Mormon, it is a testimony of GOD and who he is! At the campus today we had a crazy contacting session, we had ten pamphlets and passed them out and taught out of them and invited people to read out of them it was neat to be a part of! I made a really nice lunch for Elder Miller, he is the man! We had a great dinner and talked about her friend who is meeting with the missionaries! But I forgot there friends name in a prayer that was bad! I got a letter form DJ! Gotta feel the spirit of Ricks!

Elder Miller Broke down all the dispensations and it was crazy he is the man he found all these prophets that saw god! We had district meeting and we met Ann Gallion this girl who is from Idaho Falls and she was way cool she isn't LDS but maybe someday! We went to go see a potential and saw this girl named Bambi who is searching and it is incredible! We went and gardened at a community garden, it was awesome we had some good conversation with people it was awesome! Then we taught this guy named Eric it was weird he was Asian and knew nothing about God like nothing about faith it was weird starting at ground zero I have never had to do that before, he never heard the word faith.

I have always been a weird kid I think, and I try to be normal in public and carry myself as a Rep of Jesus Christ, but sometimes I snap and go super weird in the apartment! We taught Tara it was awesome We went to Chubby's taco with a member it was way good We gave a memeber a blessing it was neat!

FRI-IT was a good day we taught a few people and we biked to go get ice cream I have never taught anybody here on a Friday night.

we went to Durham and helped out Blake's mom she shared with us alot and it is crazy but I hope we can help them out with this gospel we contacted on campus and it was crazy!

SUN- We had some amazing people at church it was good! We had dinner with our ward missionary leaders parents sorry this is short, I gotta go to dinner!

With Love and Respect,

Elder Taylor BLAINE Petersen

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