Tuesday, September 28, 2010

FAMILIA Ahhh, Just when I thought this GOSPEL couldn't get any truer!

Hope you all have had a great week, mine was wonderful I can't wait till conference!

Wow!! So crazy that one year ago Brycen died. He was seriously the man. Like I am not just saying that. And I think since I have been on a mission I have realized that I learned alot from him! Like he loved everyone. He gave everyone a fair shot. He really strived to bring that light out in everyone! He was a true Christian! We saw Kole on campus and talked to him for awhile! We saw Warren also the kid who was taught by Elders in Korea and we are supposed to meet with him asap! At FHE there is this guy who was from Ucon! He wasn't very nice like most IDAHOANS, but it is okay forgive and forget!

I contacted this guy who looked like the last avatar air bender thing it was so funny. A member gave a giant roast so we went up to the institute and had a big feast up there with a bunch of missionary's! I went on exchanges with Elder Smart to Durham 1st the investigator we went to teach went off about her incest story and was crying and then I got her to calm down and told her how the gospel could bless her life and she was like God doesn't care! So then I was like well my mom used to tell me that I better never ever make a girl cry because Heavenly Father counts there tears! And she ran up and hugged me and it was crazy and I was like I have never felt that good in so long we had to leave right after that it was a little weird! Met this cool Lady from Africa named Beauty who gave this super cool hand shake it was intense! We went and had dinner at a Mexican restaurant it was good we saw Blake and his mom there it was crazy! We got in that night and Elder Smart lost his wallet and it was crazy, I think he was swearing under his breathe, I asked him to say a prayer but he wouldn't so I said I would say it for him. We went to the Mexican restaurant and a business card was laying on there saying looking for a wallet call this number! It was cool!

That morning we went to get the wallet, it was such a blessing that he found it! It was crazy thinking about how powerful Satan is, his Temple Recommend was in there, I guess he didn't want him to go! He is powerful! The Temple was incredible the spirit there is awesome! The Ensign this week was cool on the temple! The MANTI is the most BEAUTIFUL! I won't wreck the tradition! I am a PETERSEN through and through! I read my patriarchal blessing in the Celestial room that was way NEAT! We had a lesson with Lauren it was incredible! Like the exchanges with us were on fire! The members in this ward are so amazing there testimony's blow my mind and how in tune with the spirit they are! More then me and Elder Miller they always say the right thing at the right time! Like it used to be when you had an exchange it was some high priest that we would have to cut off, that was going into deep doctrine but the exchanges in D3 are incredible! We let them take over! Blake's mom put our name into the temple that was very nice of her, all of our members homes are getting broken into it is weird maybe a conspiracy!

We taught Kole the Plan of Salvation, Zach was there and he is the man it was all making sense to him then at that end he started going off about if we have the bible we all have authority! It is crazy we don't know what to do with him! He is the man, I love him so much and I know more then anything else that this gospel could bless his life! We taught Gabrielle that night and once again we had a brother and a sister in the ward on exchanges it was incredible there testimonies blow my mind like they are able to say things and it means so much more coming from them! MEMBERS ARE KEY! They are all so willing to, we just have to invite them and they commit! That is what the gospel is all about INVITING THEM!

Interviews with the big man! I love President he is so humble and is just the man! He told me my time in Durham third is coming to an end! It was sad I won't lie! It was really good. District meeting was good, that is cool Sister Cotterell emailed you! It is true what they say the mission presidents wife makes the mission president, she is incredible and has a sincere testimony! We ran up to meet Warren that guy from Korea and he was up there, we were playing ping pong talking about the church and he was like talking to some rm from Korea and was like yeah I got baptized in Korea cause the missionary's told me I would get half off at BYU, it was so sad. And then he was like 6 months later I was baptized into the baptist church! It was really sad cause our potential investigator ended up being a less active but it is good we are going to teach him again and help him understand it all! We had an incredible lesson with Tara once again our 2 exchanges, oh my gosh it blows my mind! They were on fire and she said she would pray about baptism and come to us with a date! It was awesome, the spirit was working through Tara she was answering questions! Questions are KEY! The worst thing a missionary could do is teach!

Biking extravaganza! Tell Kelsi she better get her ruby back in Rexburg, cause we BIKE ALOT! We went to help our bishop move a table he is the man! Like we biked 50 miles it felt like and only set one return appointment it was a little sad! But we went to the institute the Elders put on a dinner for the Relief Society and Tara was like Elders, I need to talk to you and she said she prayed and is getting baptized on 0ct 16th no matter what! It was so cool she was so excited she had set her mom up with the link to watch the broadcast! BSU WON!

Tara is amazing she is going to do incredible things in the gospel! We had 6 people at church! The restored Gospel is incredible! Gospel principles was weird they were teaching from this different bible and it was crazy like the deepest class I have ever been in! We went tracting in the pouring rain! I think when you are smiling and waving to people when you are walking into the pouring rain people either think we are sick! Or the plan of salvation must really work!

I love this gospel family it is incredible and so true, I love this gospel and to represent the Savior!
With Love and Respect,

Elder Taylor Blaine Petersen

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