Monday, September 13, 2010

Hey Family this week was once again incredible! When I start to think I have missionary work figured out, I am humbled and found on my knees pleading with my Father in Heaven and it all works out and this is his work and that it must be done his way!

So on p-day we went and played ultimate Frisbee, it was awesome but the Lord still uses us on p-day. We went to have some trifle with this guy we were playing ultimate Frisbee with. His wife is a convert and told us her conversion story and her and Gabrielle are like in the exact same boat, their stories are the same. So we invited her to come to our lesson with Gabbrielle and she said that she would and it was just crazy to see the work of the Lord. The Standard of Truth has been erected and nothing will stop it not even P-DAY!
We went tracting that evening because our ward for FHE had a pool party and we weren't welcome! We taught these 3 girls and one of them was like, I don't believe in God but she was asking the most sincere questions and it was crazy, like to comprehend the plan of the Lord, FHE planned swimming so that we wouldn't go to FHE so that we would go tracting to teach these girls the restored truth it is incredible! Remember the one girl that doesn't believe in God, because he believes in her and loves her alot and yeah the plan of the Lord BLOWS MY MIND!!!!

Transfers were today and we got a new zone leader he is a MINICO SPARTAN fresh from Rupert, ID he isn't fresh he is old but he is Elder Pierre-Louis from Idaho by way of the Bahamas, he is the man! Gabrielle invited us and swiped us in for lunch at her cafeteria thing. It was really neat, she is a neat girl! I know this gospel can bless her life we had some good convo at lunch, she has a tough problem, her mom isn't for the church and has been through the temple and told her that if she was to be baptised that is the one thing that would break her heart! We had a lesson with her that evening with that woman who converted that we met on p-day it was really good. Gabrielle brought out a few hang ups but I think we cleared them up! She has more faith then I would. I would like to think I would follow the promptings of the spirit if you guys didn't support me but to be honest I don't think I would. Tara calls us that night and committed to going to the Mission Home Fireside which is on Sunday so that was awesome. And I committed to doing the LOTOJA 2012! So tell Kels to get ready! Tell her I am organizing a team from here in NC and that she is our team captain and that we will do it on a tandem in 2013!

We had district meeting this week, it was good it was on revelation through prayer. I think I just used to preach at district meeting but now I feel like I pull more from the spirit of the other Elders and they have been so much better! We had a lesson with Kole afterwards it was way good, he was like I don't want to commit to doing this half heartily, I want this to change my life and want it to stick, it was neat, he is 19 years old and is taking this so seriously! Who else does that! Elder Miller is the man he has been trying so hard this week. This transfer I think he is nervous that in 6 weeks he will be training, so it is neat to see him trying with all that he has! He gets out of bed by himself, I don't even have to jump from my bed to his bed! We saw that girl who doesn't believe in God today and talked to her for awhile it was crazy--the plan of the Lord!!!!

I finally got my letters from you and Kelsi and Danny and Chaydo! Will you ask Nancy how I send a letter to Elder Chaydo clear the poop in England? We taught this guy named Daniel who we tracted into, he was way interested and then we went to teach him today and he didn't care. I think it is because his friends were there and they were cussing up a storm, it was hard to feel the spirit, he basically rushed us out, it was rough. We were supposed to have dinner with Blake but he was a no show it is sad I want him to receive the blessings his Father in Heaven want to give him, but I am not sure what I am supposed to do. Then we had dinner with our neighbors, these girls and this guy, they were asking so many questions it was cool I think if missionaries knock on their door in the future they would listen it is crazy though like they invited us it was way nice of them!

We saw this kid, Tucker on campus, he lives with a few members and is a way nice kid and is coming to church when one of the kids speak! Then, that girl that doesn't believe in God asked us to come and be on her tv show and be interviewed it is called Late Night Pit Talk! And idk they didn't ask anything about the church but it was still good publicity I suppose! Elder Miller was funny. Then a member chased us down and invited us to lunch with her which was all part of the Lords plan because in the cafeteria we ran into this girl named Amie who has met with missionaries in highpoint but can't get baptized because of her parents and she wanted to come to church it was incredible. There is this girl Abby who is on a campus ministry who we had a deep talk with and she is interested it will be funny to see where this goes with her!

We taught Gabrielle the Plan of Salvation! It was an incredible lesson, after she was like this answers so many questions and I just feel so good it was incredible! It was funny it was woman's day and we went to have lunch before our appointment at the institute and like Gabrielle showed up an hour early and we were stuffing our faces and our exchange wasn't there so the member took her to woman's day with her and it was neat the members here in NC are incredible! We taught Kole and he is just REAL and that is why he is the man, it was a good lesson and afterwards he set his own date for Oct. 16 it was awesome the spirit was strong! Gabrielle joined a sorority and told us that they have lunch everyday and they can bring friends and that we can go with her whenever! We will have to PRAY about that one!

I love Sundays the ward is awesome and it is so neat to see the Gospel in action and actually blessing peoples lives! Some good talks in sacrament meeting and then I was sitting in Gospel Principles and a member of the bishopric walks down and asks me to come out and he is there with this Girl named Lauren! Lauren has a friend who is a member and is at BYU right now she is always wanting to learn about the church! So she used and came to church. But she got there and was scared and stood outside for like an hour during sacrament meeting and it was crazy so she decided to flip a coin, Heads she would go in and tails she would wait for 15 min and then go back! Of course the Lord threw that coin down on heads! She came and went to church and loved it in Relief Society, they basically taught the Restoration and like she went to ward choir after church and then we invited her to the Mission home Fireside and she said she would love to come! So we went and had the best homemade pizza and then went to the Mission Home Fireside! We had Laura a recent convert and Zach a recent convert and then investigators Lauren Gabrielle and Tara and our solid member Bradley! So we went and we were reaping the D3 with pride. Zach just told his parents he wants to go on a mission and they didn't take it so well, so pray for him but he bore such a powerful testimony. Then Laura just talked about how grateful she was for her Father in Heaven and her elder brother Jesus Christ and it was incredible. President Cotterell bore his testimony at the end, and said just that this isn't a church of observers but a church of servers and that we serve each other! And Elder Miller and I saw the twinkle in Gabrielle's eye that hit home for her, that is what she wants! I was talking to Lauren after and she said she loved it! That she had never heard a testimony vocally before and that was so neat to be apart of! Today was a miracle I love this gospel this work and you are right Mom, when we forget about ourselves and serve others we are the most happy thanks so much for teaching me that! I love this work my family and friends and the ward and people who I serve. I love the most the relationship I am building with my Savior!


Elder Taylor Petersen

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