Monday, April 26, 2010

Hey Fam,
So sweet Drake took a golf club to the head!

Played soccer and football, almost didn't get my letter from KJ scary HUH! Bro Williams called and said he loved church yesterday! Our whole night fell through, people don't keep there appointments, or respect our time--AGAHAHGFGHAH!!! Missions are stressful.

National Weed Smoking Day! I got a letter in the mail from KJ that was neat! I flipped on Elder Morrell. We knocked a whole neighborhood and he didn't say a word the whole entire time! He keeps promising me he wants to change, and if I do this or that he will change; but he truly has no desire to change. Later that night we had a lesson with Bro Williams, he is being baptized May 8Th. It will be NEAT, it went well, I realized I need to teach from the heart and by the spirit instead of trying to use props! Our ward mission leader left for Yemen.

Weekly planning, Elder Morrell flipped on me, and I loved every second of it, I was so happy to finally see that boy have some FIRE! He told me he isn't going to change, nor desires to, and to back off and leave him alone, but we counseled and all is well! We went and talked to the Wilkins, Mike and Jenny, they are amazing. A family of 8. I love it!! So cool, so real, sincere seekers of truth. We talked to them with our 1st counselor Brother Compton, it went well.

5:30 zone conference the sun was so cool driving there it was foggy coming out of the clouds. Zone conference focused on our purpose and what we need to do better as missionaries. In Jacksonville, Florida they are the 5Th highest baptizing mission in the U.S. and that is because they extend 100 baptismal invitations a week per companionship! Ca-razy huh! We went and had a pig pickin, once a year they do an activity Zone Conference, so we got to play all these sweet games it was so much fun! Elder Rodriguez is the man, he is from Boise; a Spanish missionary I call him E Rod. He is going home next transfer!

I made a list of families that I have no clue who they are, but they are on the roster, we went and saw 3 of them set 3 appointments and they are all part member families it is amazing. One less active, Brother Howell, has three horses and invites us to go riding with him, but I guess we aren't allowed. I was so sad when I heard that! We went and made trophies for a guy that has a trophy shop next to Gandolfo's, and we taught a little. It was neat, we made 66 karate kid trophies!

Biked to Brother William's, gave him a huge Book of Mormon; so he can see it. We worked in Princeton from 12 to 6:30. It was a super long day. We didn't find a lot but were able to talk with them for awhile and soften some hearts for future elders, I hope! We came back to Elder Dealba's baptism, he was so excited, but he forgot his G's, so I had to run to the apartment and get them and missed the baptism! But I guess that is what friends are for. I love him to death! That night the Malatestas called and said it has been a long week and that they won't be coming to church, that they are going to the zoo, it crushed my heart. That night I started a fast, that I may know what to do with them and that Mike and Jenny may come to church, and yea... went to bed depressed!

Went to church still fasting, and Mike and Jenny had not showed up and it was like 9:15, I said a prayer, came up out of my prayer and looked back and I had to take 2.... because there was Mike and Jenny at the church! They loved it, it was so neat to have them there! We had a lesson that night with the William's and Jordan Haye's was our exchange; a young junior, who is the man. I feel bad, the William's kids, Brittney and Zachary live in a divided house, with there mom being a baptist, but more anti-Mormon then anything, and Larry William's wants them to do what they think is right. Their son was upset, and stormed out. He said he was about to rip in two, and that he is getting pulled in so many directions and then he came back in, and I comforted him and gave him some counsel! AHHH....when it is all said and done, I love my mission!!! It is getting so hot here and the humidity is getting high. I am running every morning! I love it so much. The GOSPEL IS THE TRUTH! I love you family and I hope all is well.

Love and Respect,

Elder Taylor Blaine Petersen

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