Monday, April 5, 2010

Hey Fam,
It has been a good week and ended well, especially with General Conference! President Monson is the man! We found a miracle, the Spanish gave us a referral but it was phony, but the lady there had been prepared by the LORD! So neat!! We are teaching her this week.
I loved all the talks in conference. I stayed awake for all 5 sessions and took notes from every talk, 26 pages of notes to be exact, so many powerful and bold statements we can use, in contacting, in there talks!
I loved President Monson joking about his wife and how much he loves and appreciates her!
Julie B. Beck's talk reminded me of mom, that the lord has placed huge responsibility on her, and that when mom found disappointment she never found it in herself.
M Russell Ballard's talk about how there is no better example then a righteous mother because she knows where she is going, and how mom convinced kenz to stop wearing flip flops to church! Correction is love, that means a lot in the mission field, I have learned! Thought about how Kels was always such a good example trying to help me get on a mission; not tempting me; By always being modest even in her swim suits!
Conference was just so neat like everything I had been testifying of for three months is true! To hear the Prophets voice at first brought tears to my eyes, like I felt the spirit so strong at the beginning of conference. He is called of God!!!!

Elder Perry's talk, mom always tryed to teach us in the home everything she could!

I loved Elder Holland's baptist preacher talk and how lust vs love and how he gets all giddy about Sister Holland and yells from the roof tops how much he loves her! He is so bold, so powerful, what I'd do for one day with him as my comp!

I learned a lot in Dallin H Oaks' talk on healing with the priesthood.

Ronald Rasbands talk was so cool , he looked like Papa Nit!

David Beck got me so excited for Drake to get the Aaronic priesthood. I hope he realizes what he holds, that he has more power in his pinkie then the Pope does in his whole body!!! He will honor his priesthood.

Dieter F Uchtodrf was talking to me and Dad about patience and love, I enjoyed it fully though!

Then Elder Eyrings talk on diligence.
Then THOMAS S MONSON, all the things he counseled, you guys counseled me not to do; don't date till I am sixteen, and make your dates meet your parents. I loved all of it!
Then the story of the Elder who wrote his family every week and they are going to the temple. THE GOSPEL IS SO TRUE. I loved his counsel at the end of the last session to look to the light house of the Lord! North Carolina is the light house state and I am doing the Lords work!

I love all of you,

Love Elder Taylor Blaine Petersen

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