Monday, April 12, 2010

April 12th Email

Miracles in Smithfield!

So Leighton Murri is going to Cali huh? Wow Crazy
Elder Morrell is such a nice kid, I just don't think he cares about his mission. He waits for me every night, so we can say our personal prayers together, such a nice kid! All prayers are truly answered! I thought my camera was broken, but it ended up being just the card! I prayed for it and all was well the next morning, such a miracle! We played soccer today it was so hot 80 degree weather. It is so crazy and hot I was sweating to death! But me and Elder Morrell just need to strive on being obedient and Miracles will happen I know it!

Study is so hard we are all so young and distract each other so much, it is ridiculous! We met this Hispanic man Pedro so cool, I talked with him, we taught him the 1st then the Spanish came over and we all taught him the 2nd (except Elder Morrell), the kid is so shy, I gotta break his SHELL! They set a date with him, he was so amazing! It brought tears to my eyes I felt the spirit so strong!
Sister Allen the most amazing teaching coordinator ever, her husband had knee surgery we went and gave him a blessing, and it was so so cool! Then sister Allen was like Elder Petersen, your eyes are as blue as that little girl Ruby at Conference! I was like if you think mine are you should see KJS! It was neat she was nice and we had a good day!

Our District Leader, Elder Cadet. He is amazing and is from Brooklyn, but originally from Haiti, crazy huh! He is so lovable. We had a neat district meeting on prayer, how powerful it is, such a simple tool but yet so much power with in that tool! WE had a miracle, Bro Holzhauer our exchange, was amazing he is so bold and everytime he has taught with us, they have been baptized! So we took him with us to this investigator that has three kids and was slacking! He straight up asked her are you even interested she said no not really, but I knew she knows it was true and I bore my testimony to her before we departed and boom! She says Elder Petersen I want this in my life. Can you come back not this Friday, but the next and we set a return appt! MIRACLE

I miss Elder Croft, we do weekly planning and like he kept me focused, always reeled me back in! But Elder Morrell just really doesn't care so I have to keep myself focused! Totally crazy, but I am doing it with my faith in the Lord. Elder Dealba and Elder Naylor are so out going and they are having so such success, Elder Morrell is so shy, it is hard, but we talked about it and he feels like nobody cares about him being out here, I felt way bad, his twin brother got called to Argentina and everyone was so excited for him when he opened his call, so I feel bad for him but I am just trying real hard to get him excited! He said wow, Elder Petersen nobody has ever cared about me like this before! BUT ELDER PETE DOES! We taught the Williams the plan of salvation they are our main investigator but it was so boring I wanted to like rip my eyes out! But, Bro Williams daughter is a sincere seeker of truth so good things should happen with her and him hopefully!

Elder Morrell just doesn't care about anything! But I love him! So I decided to move our beds and study rooms out of the Spanish, because we all used to study and sleep together but it was to distracting so we are not doing that anymore and it has helped, our studies have been so much better! We had 2 neat lessons this evening with recent converts!

WE biked all the way to Four Oaks, and were able to see Lianna Dyer so cool, she gave us some cake it was her sons b-day! Instead of focusing on her kids this time around I think I am going to focus on her! I got a sweet nice letter from KJ and from Julie and Lexi, and my cool Tie, then a letter from the mission office that sent back my memory card, that I sent to you guys because I put tape over the whole envelope and I guess you can't do that. So I will send it again today! So we had 3 lessons planned this evening and one stop bye, 2 canceled so we went to Bro. Comptons house! So he could trade cars with his wife, he is a member of the bishopric and had been fellow shipping bro Maletesa! The coolest family ever! They are classy people, the kind of people my patriarchal blessing talks about that will strengthen the church! I said to Bro. Compton, lets go to the Maletesta he goes lets call him first, so we did and he didn't answer so we talked to Bro Compton's wife, then we got in the car and he said Elder Petersen where are we going, and I said the Maletestas, he goes if you say so, and there we went and boom! They were all outside. We talked with them forever his wife is an amazing lady, she had a dream that they became Mormon and moved to UTAH. I told her to stay here in Smithfield. They are such classy people and are coming to to church this week! FAMILIES THAT IS ALL I WANT to find! WE got back home and the Spanish Elders looked like someone died, and it was so sad, that miracle man Pedro they had a lesson with him on the word of wisdom and he through away his beer, cigarettes, lighters, and coffee, and before they got home he called them swearing saying he was going to kill them and that they can't come back. When I found him he was like, mi casa your casa! Idk this work is tough!

I love church, testimony meeting was amazing, and then we had a super spiritual gospel principles class, it was so good for our FIVE INVESTIGATORS at church SWEET HUH! Then we had dinner at the Gandolfs! SO good, so amazing, he came out with us on exchanges and we had a great lesson with the Williams so good to have a good exchange with a strong testimony that is also out going when your companion is shy! Then another miracle this referral I got, named mike, I called him to confirm our appt with him! I talked with him for 20 minutes, he has six kids 5 under the age of 8he said he asked for miracles and met the elders in Goldboro but he lives in our area. We went to his nieces soccer tournament and his brother's fiance is Mormon. He was like I cant wait for you all to come over tomorrow night! (Which is tonight) because I keep getting all these signs I should be Mormon! SO AMAZING MIRACLES EVERYWHERE

Well we have an appt with him tonight. Elder Cadet is exchanging with ELder Morrell the spirit should be strong in our lesson tonight and buddy I can't wait! I love you all. Pray for me and thanks for the tie and the letter. I love it, it means the world to me. I am wearing right now as I type, Till we email again, I love you and pray for you.

With Love & Respect,

Elder Taylor BLAINE Petersen

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