Monday, April 19, 2010

Dear Family, how are things in the great west!
Here are some pictures from this week!

We went and played beach volleyball with Orion and Dalton, 2 members who are in our neighboring ward, the Clayton ward! They are such great kids and will make great missionaries!!!I bought a sweet wireless sensor for my bike. Tells me the time, the tempture, and all sorts of crazy stuff! After volleyball, we went on an exchange with Elder Cadet my district leader, he is the black kid, the man throwing up the deuces in the picture!We had an amazing lesson with a super amazing family! The Wilkins a family of 8... Hello Johnson family! They went to the North Carolina zoo this weekend and read the Book of Mormon the whole way there! It is like a 2 hr drive! So amazing to me how my patriarchal blessing is being fulfilled her in Smithfield with finding faithful families that will strengthen the church!

We went and stained Bro Gandolf's deck! Service baby he is the man, told us Phil won the masters!He is a huge Mets fan just sports junkie in general! But such a good guy with a strong testimony, and an amazing DELI so much better then Schlotzsky's! I got a nice letter from Grandma Mortensen and one from CHAYDO MY NADO I miss dough so much I pray he serves here in NC and I could train him! We took Bro Williams' kids to the mutual activity, it was a date night they Loved it! Our ward mission leader Bro Nearing is leaving for 60 days to Yemin, idk where that is but pray for him and his safe return I need him back!

Temple day, please tell me ya'll went to the 7 o'clock session? The temple is so neat I love and learn something new every time! The spirit is so strong! We switched back with Elder Morrell, it was tough being back because Elder Cadet has been out 18 months and is out going and loves the work, I just continue to pray for Elder Morrell. We stopped by a less-active family, a cute girl answered the door, I was shocked but asked about her mom, Elder Morrell was like socially awkward and started giggling about the cute girl! I have to strive to be obedient, I hope I don't' get transferred, there should be 13 baptisms next transfer, my brother Elder McCoulgh said that would be a mission record! Oh baby here I come, it is just hard because the people notice Elder Morrell doesn't really care about them or the work! Like Bro. Williams called, I was driving and Elder morrell answered and he said I have some good news can I talk to Elder Petersen, he got so upset that he didn't want to talk to him, but I thought, what have you done to try to build up the relationship with him!

District meeting was good, it was on chapter one our purpose, then on companionship unity! IT is hard to be unified when you companion is on MUTE! I got a cool letter with a sling shot and a ring and piece of gum and cool post card from Kels and MAMMA AND PAPA J! Grandma Dora hooked me up with a super cool letter too! Pretty depressing day, but ended good, but we went over to Mary and Quincy's house and their daughter got baptized, Easter Sunday at some apostate church!

We had a super sweet lesson with Liana Dyer she is coming to church next week! So neat our ward member we were with has like baptized so many and has been a huge help in everything we have taught, his name is Bro. Holzhauer, he suggested we say a prayer in the car before we went in and did the lesson, and it worked the spirit was so strong I am going to do that every time! We had weekly planning, which becomes companionship inventory! Elder Morrell straight up said he doesn't care... Oh well, trail of my faith!

One year ago I saw KJ in Chayden's basement, one year went by fast crazy how I am almost done with 1/4 of my mission, time flies so precious on a mission I can't waste it! We biked a total of 25 miles today I am loosing some weight here in this 85 degree weather! I weighed 238 one month ago, this morning I weighed 210! Crazy my pants don't fit and my shirts look like a parachute!I would rather them be to big then small though! We went and visited with our 2 families, OH HOW I LOVE THEM!!! BAPTIZE, BAPTIZE, BAPTIZE, their lifes will be so blessed! Pray for the Wilkins and Maletestas.

Maletastas came to church, he is Italian, looked like the Mafia in his suit! His family is so neat and his wife is great! The Wilkins's the family of 8 were a no show we haven't been able to teach them yet but I hope next week they will come. We would of had 11 investigators at church instead we only had 5! We set a day with Bro Williams though, MAy 8th! WOOT WOOT. I was so sad and depressed when the Wilkins didn't come! We had dinner at a sweet young couples home, the Cecil's, they want missionaries to live with them, maybe some day that is what the church is striving for missionaries to live with members! I love this ward everyone is so unique and special to me, ahhh... I love it!

Well family hope you have a great week pray for me and for Larry Williams and the Maletesta and Wilkins' families I hope you went to the 7 am session Wed! Love you long time all is well and hot and sweaty in NC!

With Love and Respect,

Elder Taylor BLAINE Petersen

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  1. I enjoy reading your elder's blog. Our son in serving in Wilmington and I am getting a bigger picture of life in NC from reading the many experiences. I hope Elder Peterson can influence his companion to be a better missionary. Having a companion who hasn't caught the spirit of being a missionary is hard to deal with.

    -Keith Merrill