Monday, November 14, 2011

That is crazy to think that Dolly is home. We were in the MTC together for three weeks! We rocked those on the B-Ball court with his comp and my comp. And he has served and is done! Holy Cow. Tell him I got his Letter and I am so happy for him to be home and make it home safe and sound. I love him so much he is such a good friend and I can't wait to see him and go to school with him.
It has been a great week in the mission field. We had five investigators at sacrament meeting. But even better than that, is we had a total of 10 non-members, less-actives and Investigators! The first ward is great. This ward could split next week, it is such a strong ward! They have so many people coming back and we are just building the Kingdom. We go to the High school every morning and play a little two hand touch! It is a blast.
We had a miracle, so there is a family the Hazel Dines they are great. Her husband and one of her daughters are not members and they want to join the church. We are meeting with them tonight for dinner and a lesson and we hope they both will accept the invitation to be baptized.
We have this other brother Steve we are working with, He is friends with a bunch of members and is such a good guy and helps out and has done alot for the church but just doesn't believe in God. We were able to finally get his daughter Alyssa in on it and we had a great discussion with her and invited her to receive the missionary lessons and she was way excited. They were supposed to come to church but they didn't make it.
We can't find a good map of our area because our area covers like 3 counties so other day we were biking and we biked forever and then the other Elders came and rescued us. When we got to our final destination and looked at the GPS how to get home and it was like 20 miles we couldn't handle it! The other Elders had our back thank goodness.
I have gotten sick from Elder McRae. It is no fun but I am starting to get over it. A lot of prayers and medicine. I actually refused the meds for awhile, I was trying to heal on my own and then one night I just couldn't handle it and I took every medication in sight and now I feel a whole lot better.
There is this Sister named Sis De Fabrizio, she is a really sensitive person. She looked up the church and came and really enjoyed it then we scheduled an appointment for yesterday. We had a real good quick lesson with her before church. The spirit was really strong and we explained to her what she could expect from us and what we expect from her and we just kind of declared our purpose to her. Then we were wrapping up the lesson to head to Sacrament meeting, which was the primary program which is just a bunch of awesome simple truths. She told us what she expected from us and it rocked my world forever! She said thaatt wh she expects from us is to hear the words of Christ from the scriptures namely the Book of Mormon! It just rocked my world like we talked about a lot of awesome spiritual things but we missed the mark, who is Jesus Christ! It was an experience I will forever be grateful for. I love the work, I love the spirit of the work, and I love who I represent! Tell Dolls hello and thanks for the letter! I love you all so much have a great week and keep it real!

Elder Petersen

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