Monday, June 13, 2011

Things in the Goldsboro 2nd Ward are going really great. I feel like we have changed the attitudes and behaviors for missionary work. I love when I come into an area and missionary work is not the hot topic and really isn't talked about much. Then to pump the members up about this privilege to share the Gospel and to see the change as people bear testimony in Sacrament Meeting, members offering prayers in Church meeting, praying that they may be lead to the elect and that they may be able to invite them and the Elders to come into their home, and to church, and to enjoy the spirit which dwells there. We have invited many families to invite non-member friends into their home to here the missionary lessons. We are fine tuning the follow-up and really making that a focus of our studies. We know this is a bold invitation to make, and we want the members to know that this isn't us making a plea because our teaching pool is low. It is us testifying of the blessings of the restored Gospel, not to go warn your friends they are damned if they don't meet with us, But that the happiness that Father intended for the mortal earth life is available and contained in this the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is us inviting the members to commit to something and when they do it they will be blessed, simply it is and opportunity for them to receive a blessing from heaven while they strive to bless the lives of our Brother and Sisters. As we have made that clear we have noticed a difference and it has been great. Bro. Jorge and Heidi are doing great, they are progressing towards baptism. Jorge wrote down the Word of Wisdom and put it in his wallet because he "never wants to forget". The Baptism of Seth this week, was great. Elder Yankton was so excited to baptize and confirm him. We had a great turn out and the spirit of the Lord was there. We found another 9 year old boy last Sunday named Holden, that hasn't been baptized and his family is active and his mother has a calling, his father is not a member. We talked to his mother about meeting with him she told us that he wants to be like his Dad and wait but she told us we could ask him. We asked him if he wanted to be baptized and he said, "yeah, I don't want to wait till I am 30!" It was great and his mom was excited. I really want to find families, we are working really hard and contacting everyone to find a FAMILY! We set 7 return appointments yesterday! We have two families both with two kids in our lineup this week!

In my studies this week I have learned, like it is one thing to believe in something, and what it could be to have a testimony of it. But it is another to live consistently of what we know! I want to help those I teach know that clearly! To live what we know, I am also trying to apply it in my life.

I am getting brown my friends, working on that tan! Are you all going to Lake Powell this year? How is Sadie and Murphy? Billy, it is Fathers Day, are you pumped? Happy Fathers Day!!!! I hope you have a great Fathers Day and that you all have a happy great week!


Elder Taylor Petersen

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