Monday, April 4, 2011


Taylor in the back at one of his District's meeting ~ Hey Family, Another week come has and gone in the mission. It is crazy how fast time is moving. I love it though, I love just being on the fly and just running everywhere and just super busy and stopping and pausing and realize all the tender mercies that the Lord has blessed you with along the way. We had a great week this last week and were able to find 4 new investigators. Alot of great part-member families that I am excited to tell you all about!!!! I am not getting transfered. I probably only have this last transfer in Fort Bragg/Morgantown YSA. I truly have come to love this place. I love the people, I love their testimony and desire to do the work of the Lord and share the Glad tidings with there friends!! But now to talk about some of the families we are working with! Ashley Greybeal is a convert, her and her mother joined the Church when she was 8. They are from Washington. Sis. Burbank the 1st counselors wife gave us this referrel to go see them and see if we could teach them. She also offered up her home if they accepted. We went by last week and we talked to Bro Greybeal who isn't a member of the church. He also is from Oregon, they are from Oregon not Washington sorry. We talked to him he was home from work for some lunch and seem to be a very great guy. We asked if we could talk to Sis. Greybeal and she was busy and asked us to come back. Well, when we came back he was gone. We were kinda bum hurt, so we talked to Sis Greybeal, she said she didn't feel her husband would be very interested but that we could maybe try in a few weeks because they were busy. (I've come to learn that when people typically say they are to busy really means they are not interested, it only took me a year to figure that out) But our visit seemed to help Sis Greybeal, she came to church that following Sunday and we contacted her and we had dinner with the Burbanks and they invited them over for dinner and we invited them to hear a missioanry lesson. She said she would be there but didn't know about her husband. We prayed all day that he would show up and he did. We told him our purpose and talked about the role of the Book of Mormon in conversion. He seemed sceptical but said he would look into it and pray. He is a very analitical and literal person. We went for our return appointment and he had some questions, we seemed to answer them and he was super excited to dive in. Unfortunely, after all his questions he asked and we answered we had to go, so we set a return appointment for 11 an hour before conference and asked if we could watch conference with them. We had another member couple come with us, we had a great lesson with him and he is going out to the field this week and is suppose to come back with an answer whether or not the Book of Mormon is true. He loved conference and all the talks and the focus on family really hit home due to their beautiful new baby daughter named Melody. Amanda Addie is married to a member, they have an awesome family. She is from Arkansas and has accepted baptism. Her and her daughter Bailey are going to get baptised together on the 16th of April. We have had some great lessons at their home they have over come some word of wisdom issues. Just a great family, they are changing there duty station to Alaska. Bro Addie is a fire fighter he is practically my hero, I want to be a fire fighter one day! Polly Kieme is married to a member she is from Brazil, she is a way nice lady who is scared but wants to be baptised, she has a date for April 23rd so we will see how that goes. I am running out of time on my email but Emily Vandersandin, we met and taught her for the first time and have a wonderful lesson planned with her tonight in a members home and hopefully helping her to be baptized. I had a super spiritual experience last night, I will have to tell you in the letter I gotta go, but I love you all. Bye!!!!! LOVE AND RESPECT, ELDER TAYLOR PETERSEN

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