Monday, April 11, 2011

Hey Fam-
How are things going in the great State of Idaho. I really don't know how I will handle it when I get back there being around all those MORMONS. There is alot of them down there. But they are great people so we will see. That is cool Tommy was able to get an extension. I will come home January 25 2012, I was able to get an extension as well. Just kidding, I think I should fly home on Dec 14th, but seriously who is counting! The mission is so cool! This week has been an eventful one to say the least. We had 5 great Elders transfered into our zone, 3 of whom I know and love so dearly. Elder Dealba is in Rockingham with Elder Thatcher, I am so grateful that he came into the Zone. When he got here he called and left a voicemail and said Pete I'm home!!! I love him and am so grateful for all he has done as my friend in the field. Elder Worthen who was my companion in Durham 3rd YSA is in Pittsboro with the most pure missionary Elder Durran, a convert of 3 years from Mexico. They are in a Zebra companionship and are serving in Pittsboro. I am grateful for Elder Worthen to be here again. I might not have been the nicest Elder to him while in Chapel Hill (I was super stressed) but I am grateful for the opportunity to repent and seek his forgiveness and friendship. Elder Dodge is a young missionary from Oregon his cousin (a sister missionary) is here in this mission as well. I had a real neat spiritual experience with him in a role play at Zone Conference,I am excited to work with him. He is serving in Cameron with Elder Freeman. Elder Naylor who was Elder Dealbas companion in Smithfield is our new district leader serving in Sanford with Elder Lake, he just transfered in from Raleigh where he was a Zone Leader. He has some great ideas and is super motivated. Elder Larsen is from California and he transfered into Pinehurst with Elder Loveridge. Elder Christiansen was transferred to somewhere in the Apex Zone with Elder Oslund, a great missionary who is a convert and who played baseball for BYU. That is the latest news in our Zone.

For our own work, as of last night we received an update, that maybe all the prayers everyone has been offering for the Smith's have been working. While Elder Smart was at dinner, and Mose, Johnny, and I, were preaching the Gospel and teaching. Sis Westwood told him that Sis. Smith called her one night and said have some really bad Kidney stones could you come and get me and take me to the Hospital while Rick stays with the kids, So, Sis Westwood took her, and while she was on some hardcore drugs got some answers from her. HAHA JK!!! But really she told her some stuff and we were able to piece it all together. Some Woman named Heather Underwood, who I pray for! She is very intimidating I guess, and Sis Smith hit her kid in her car awhile back and she used the whole, because of Jesus I can forgive you and I want to tell you to stay away from those Mormons, it was nuts.... like crazy stuff. But we are planning to go confront them this week because I guess she told Sis Westwood that all those people who attacked her for meeting with us were not her true friends and that the Latter-Day Saints are her true friends! We will see I will keep you posted.

We had a meeting with the Stake this week, and were able to meet with President Hatch of the mission presidency as well as President Coltier of the Stake Presidency and Bro. Berg on the Stake High Council over Missionary work. We have had great success, we killed it this past month in finding new investigators as well as Member Present lessons. We just need to get people to the font. I have heard many say the key to getting investigators to the font is through members of the church. They were all great brethren. I just wish we could meet more often with the Stake President or communicate better with him so we can build that relationship up.

We were able to teach the Addies a few times this week. I love that family so much, her and her daughter Bailey, are scheduled to be baptised this Saturday. Things are going really well there. Bro. Addie is like my hero, he is just such a happy guy. He loves life so much and wants to do the right thing.

Vandersanden- Bro Vandersanden joined the church when he was a youth, he said hot girls and b-ball brought him in. His Wife Emily is a great woman we taught her once when they had us over for dinner. We had another lesson this week. Myself and Elder Smart accidentally(so we thought) scheduled two exchanges. But the Lord knew and needed both of these women here. We had 2 very strong Fort Bragg sisters there to bear testimony it was the greatest lesson of my life. It wasn't a lesson it was more like a conversation. The spirit was so strong and we invited her to be baptised and she accepted. We went back later this week and she said she doesn't want to get baptised until she has her baby because she wants him to make the decision for himself. So we have to teach some doctrine tonight to clear that up. They are doing great, they have a really cute little girl named Audrey Lynn.

I was able to go on an exchange this week with Elder Thatcher. He is a stud, like an animal. We has some real spiritual experiences while we were together. I want to serve in a branch so bad like you have no idea. I love the atmosphere branch members bring to the church. ELder Thatcher taught me so much. He has been through some crazy things and has really felt the atonement in his life and I think that is his main motive to talk to everyone and to work way hard. I am so glad Elder Dealba is with him. He will learn so much.

I was able to take the ACT, it was alright. I feel I did okay, IDK if it was good enough to get into BYU-I but you should apply for LDSBC just in case. Let me know as soon as you get the results. It was really odd being alone for that long, I started to panic for a second but I just used some breathing technique to calm down.

The work is going good here, I love you all and appreciate all your prayers. I Love Fast and Testimony meeting!

Love and Repect,

Elder Taylor Petersen

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