Monday, March 7, 2011

What is UP?
So seriously right after I got done emailing you guys last week this lady walks up and shakes our hands and says, I love Mormons they are the greatest people I know. We set an appointment with her, it was great, we thought she was golden. She was a cute girl too!! We were going to try and hook her up with Kris who is the man, a recent convert but she flaked on us so hopefully we can get her this next week. We went to Family Home Evening at the singles branch, it was great alot of them have friends they just need to invite them so that is what we are trying to help them do!!!!

We have a date with a Columbian sister named Bilair, she is to be baptised this Saturday it is awesome she has had such a great experience with the Book of Mormon, and she is ready, we taught her twice this week and she is going to be interviewed tomorrow, I think she is ready and she will do great, she really loves church she stays for all the services that building has! We biked onto post a couple of times this week, my comp hates me for it, but I believe that so many miracles are attached to riding a bike. We truly have witnessed some since we have been using them more often but also our zone was cut 1200 miles to that is why we are biking more!! We biked to our dinner we met this awesome family the Smith's they have always lived near Mormons and they do now as well, we went to a dinner and they were there, we helped the husband move something and we missed our dinner appnt. talking to him it was awesome. We are meeting with them tonight at 6, cross your fingers!!! There is this sister her name is Holly, like you mother and she had a daughter named Margo that we are teaching and helping prepare for baptism. She is so smart and so ready we are just really trying to get their father on board and to sign her off. He is deployed, I pray for him everynight and you all should to. His name is Bro Salyer!

We went to a great district meeting, our whole zone is just filled with great Elders, I Love these missionaries. The Zones fired up. I went on a exchange with Elder Obergon, he is the man, from Chile. He is such a great Elder their area in particular is on fire! WE did some work on Post, we taught a family that totally rejected us and said their church in Michigan was the restored church and I was like, WHY! They were such a great family and just crashed and burned and started getting contentious, so I left asap.

We are teaching this part member family the Hill's, we are trying really hard to get them on board but they aren't coming so far, we might drop them soon!!

Sunday was awesome we had a good amount at church and it was just great. I love the Fort Bragg ward testimonies. The singles is like the oddest group of people but they are the best of friends we were kinda talking today, like the church is alot like Walmart everyone benefits from it; black and white, poor or rich; everyone can and will use it or take something from it! So we taught the Addie family, the wife said my daughter need to get baptised. It was incredible and then we went to the Salyer family and had a great lesson and it was just an awesome weeek we taught so much. We are going on an exchange with some struggling Elders, I am excited to pump them up! It is awesome. I love this work, I love this Gospel; it is so true.

I love my family so much, I love the temple, and being born into the covenant! I just love it all, and I love you!!!

With Love and Respect,

Elder Taylor Petersen

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