Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Wow!!The story of the miracle you had is straight NUTS! That is so cool and I am so happy for you all. I pray that you have experiences like that! I am so Grateful that you share them! So mom that is awesome you were able to meet with President Beck. We had dinner in a families home last night and she got to play the OBO for President Faust's funeral. Patrica Holland loved her so much that she asked her to come play for this lunch that the church does for all the General Authorities wives! And it was Sis Holland's turn to head it up this year. She made a neat comment I will never forget. She said, "Elders I felt the same spirit I did in the presences of those Sisters that I did when I was sitting next to the 12 apostles! The Sisters are truly what make the Brethren!! The church rides on the Sisters of Zion, I am convinced! Billy you are a lucky man to have such an incredible lady, such as our Mother!!!!!!

This week has been great! Like I told you last week we were able to go golfing, that was a blast!!!!! We had breakfast with a less active family who is like on fire, reading scriptures, and attending church meetings, it is so awesome! Tuesday I was able to go on an exchange with Elder Tabil, I think I already told you about him. He is great, like I would love to serve with him someday. We saw a miracle, this woman, who said she prayed to find a church, and we ran into her. I testify that it didn't happen until after the trial of our faith because right before that we got chewed up and spit out by some real nice son of God. IF god still loves them why can't I right>>>> That night we were able to go have dinner at the Burbanks he is the acting bishop because the bishop is deployed. They are such a great family and his wife is from Sugar, GO DIGGERS!!!! We also had dinner with Kris Perkins a recent convert who recently received his Patriatical Blessing and is on fire, I will talk about him more!!!! We went out that night and we had this list that had all the part member families on it, And we see this one, her name Was Holly and I was like well Duh that is a given, so of course we stopped by and we had a wonderful talk with her. Her husband is anti but her daughter just turned 8 and her name is Margo and she is scheduled to get baptised on the 26th!!!

We went to District meeting in Sanford, it was great, Elder Torres is a great leader. He just has this way about him, to lift and inspire it is so amazing. He brings unity into his district like no other missionary I have ever seen before! We left after that. We took with us the new 3rd ward Elders and went back and did our weekly shopping, and I went and emailed ya'all! Their is this funny old man that works at the Library, he told us a joke, he said you know the Bible proves that the three wise men were fire fighters. I said please tell me how. He said cause it said they came from a far! But if you say far with a southern accent it sounds like fire! It was pretty funny! That night we were suppose to teach another part member family but they canceled. So we only taught Bro. Martinez, we had such a great lesson the spirit was so strong, our exchange was incredible and he prayed at the end asking for truth, and then we called to confer our second appointment this week and he canceled and was like I don't care any more that kinda shook me but we press on. Like Joseph said we endure and we endure it well. That can only be done with Jesus.

We are teaching this woman who is a part member family her husband is deployed but things are looking good for them. She is such a sweet woman she was in a horrible car accident and is in a wheelchair but just a real neat lady and she seems to get it, but just doesn't. I really don't know, I feel like we are so close with her. Part-member families rely completely on an active spouse. We were able to teach Bilar she is from Columbia and attends the singles branch and has a date for the 12th, except she is a bar tender so we are trying to get that all worked out. She is a really neat lady and is just tearing through the Book of Mormon. We have this family the Brown family they are on fire, the just PCSed from Hawaii, Bro Brown is always smiling they are getting ready to go to the temple and do some missionary work.

We had a zone leader Counsel this week. It was so incredible the spirit was so strong and everyone wanted to be better. Our zone had a rough month in February but so did alot of the mission. We were talking about member work and like how it has taken a year and a half to evolve into what it is now. Like before we used to ask for referrals and that went no where, then we would ask who they felt the Lord was preparing and that went really no where, now we just are straight up! Hey we all need to repent and do missionary work and be direct just like we are with investigators. Will you invite someone into your home to here the missionary lesson in 2 weeks! We have a 50/50 shot! So it was great and we were able to ride up with Elder Miller. He was thanking me for being an obedient trainer. I was grateful, he is the man!!! That night we taught Sis Hess she is struggling with her kids because her husband is deployed, but we are trying really hard to strengthen her faith!!

So we were asked to give talks at a baptism, so we did. But this Bro. who baptised his daughter and came back because of the ward mission process. Invited their neighbors to the baptism they came and we talked to them. They are the Cotter family from Michigan they are incredible and we are meeting with them this Wednesday, it is that family that has just been activated! THE RESCUE BABY!!!! We had dinner with a great couple family, the sister, i love her to death she makes such great food and is a healthy lady and we always talk about the way Kelsi eats, she said that she just follows what the scriptures say, but I pulled a quote on her that said if we truly understood the Word of Wisdom we wouldn't eat meat! But they are fellow shipping the family that took us to breakfast. We taught a couple lessons that night with some great families and one part member, but it is kinda going no where he was smoking a cigar when we got their!

Sunday was incredible church was combined and we only had sacrament because another stake used our building. We had Ron, Bilar, and Margo their and they all have dates and the gospel is just so true, I love that night we taught Margo, and Kris came with us he taught her so awesome and so simply, he is the man! HE has the spirit with him so strong. I made him go pass the sacrament and he was like no there is more people then usual, but then I got a key preisthood holder on him, the deacons quorum president and he got him to pass it!

I Love this gospel, I have a huge testimony of my Savior, I pray for all my loved ones often and I pray you all have a wonderful missionary experience filled week!!!

With Love and Respect,

Elder Taylor BLAINE Petersen

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